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You'd be suprised

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"The Fitness Challenge will change your life"

Fitness challenge

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You'd Be Surprised

"Knowing I need to make a permanent change, I joined the Fitness Challenge and quickly began to see results. I lost 20 pounds in three months and felt great." - M. Jones

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"My results from my own fitness routine had plateaued. The Fitness Challenge gave me the extra boost to finally achieve my weight loss goal".

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5 Week Challenge $399 - Starting June 1 and July 1. Fitness Classes forming now in Feasterville and Jamison.


Why Take the Challenge
Everyone starts the challenge for their own reasons.  Some people are here because they've plateaued doing their normal work out routine.  Other people start because they haven't been active in a really long time. Others because they fear the worst and know they need a lifestyle change.  Whether your reason is the class reunion or losing that baby weight, the fitness challenge is designed to help you make a total transformation. Classes forming NOW!

Fitness Challenge
Your total transformation includes muscle confusion exercise, nutrition counseling, and motivation. If you are a beginner or a pro athlete, you will see a total transformation of mind and body.  Start  Today Feasterville,  Jamison, North Wales Fitness Challenge. Still have questions: Read our FAQ

5 Week Fitness Challenge for $399

Starting June 1st and July 1st


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